Below are some of the data from pre/post golf fitness assessments.  I'm only reporting the areas where the individual did not do well or did not pass during the initial assessment.  Subjective feedback, if offered, is also included. 

Significance of deficiency:
tight hamstrings - major factor in low back discomfort; may restrict mobility in hips; could result in early extension - click here for more info 
hip flexor tightness - major factor in low back discomfort; may restrict mobility in hips; could lead up to S-posture - click here for more info
lat tightness - limited backswing; limited X-factor; could result in reverse spine 
external shoulder rotation - limited backswing; could result in flying elbow on backswing and/or chicken-wing on follow-through - click here for more info
mid-back range of motion - limited upper body mobility; low back discomfort; may lead to reverse spine; could be a factor in lack of weight shift to front leg
glute strength - lack of power/distance; could result in sway/slide; lower body control; could be a factor in early extension
internal hip rotation - may retsrict hip rotation leading up to sway in the backswing and/or slide in the downswing; could result in trail leg straightening; could result in limited hip turn at impact; may impact X-factor - click here for more info

* = degrees of movement     

64 year old male
initial assessment - 7/3/2014
post assessment - 8/15/2014 (6 weeks)

external shoulder rotation
     right = 97*
     left = 96*

     right = 115* (+19% improvement)
     left = 98* (+2%)

mid back (T-spine) rotation
     backswing = 43*
     downswing = 37*

     backswing = 59* (+37% improvement)
     downswing = 53* (+43%)

     unilateral weakness on the right side

     both glutes demonstrated adequate strength

internal hip rotation
     right = 27*
     left = 23*

     right = 29* (+7% improvement)
     left = 36* (+57%)

31 year old male teaching professional
initial assessment - 7/16/2011
post assessment - 9/23/2011 (9 weeks)

hamstring flexibility
pre = -5"
post = -2.5" (64% improvement)

external shoulder rotation
     right = 111*
     left = 100*
     right = 116* (5%)
     left = 120* (20%)

mid-back (T-spine) rotation
     going right (backswing) = 46*
     going left (downswing) = 40*
     backswing = 53* (15%)
     downswing = 50 (25%)

glute strength
     both R and L sides were unstable with dip when assessing R glute
     both adequate with no display of dip

internal hip rotation
     right = 9*
     left = 5*
     right = 17* (89%)
     left = 13* (160%)

67 year old male
handicap = 9
initial assessment - 2/6/2010
post assessment - 6/22/2010 (4 1/2 months)

hamstring flexibility
pre = -10" from floor
post = - 8" from floor

lat flexibility
     right = 155*
     left = 140* (partial rotator tear)
     right = 156*
     left = 163* (16% increase)

external shoulder rotation
     right = 107*
     left = 96*
     right = 120* (9%)
     left = 121 (26%)

mid-back rotation
     right = 54*
     left = 42* 
     right = 60* (11%)
     left = 58* (38%)

glute strength
pre = bilateral weakness
post = left side good, still some noticeable dip on right side

internal hip rotation
     right = 19*
     left = 11*
     right = 19*
     left = 16* (45%)

shoulder stability
pre = bilateral weakness
post = improvement on both sides, more noticeable on right side 

66 year old male
handicap = 9.8
initial assessment - 12/30/2009
post assessment - 3/9/2010 (2 1/4 months)

hamstring flexibility (norm - fingertips touch floor)
pre = -1" from floor
post = touch

hip flexor flexibility 
pre - unilateral tightness on left side
post - adequate bilateral flexibility

external shoulder rotation (norm > 110*)
     right - 120* 
     left - 108*
     right - 119*
     left - 111*

mid-back rotation (norm - > 60*)
     right - 40*
     left - 47*
     right - 61* (53% improvement)
     left - 62* (32% improvement)

glute strength
pre - bilateral weakness
post - adequate bilateral strength

internal hip rotation (norm - > 35*)
     right - 18*
     left - 20*
     right - 29* (61% improvement)
     left - 26* (30% improvement)

pre - struggle with both static & dynamic balance
post - adequate static & dynamic balance

Subjective: I have definitely increased the flexibility in my back and firmness through my mid section so that I now make a much better turn on the ball.  Not only has this resulted in an increase in distance but also a reduction in back pain, particularly after walking & toting my bag for 18 holes. 

52 year old male
average score 95
initial pre assessment - 12/8/2009
post assessment - 2/23/2010 (2 1/2 months)

hamstring flexibility
pre = -7.5" from floor
post = -4" (47% improvement)

trunk rotation  
pre - restricted
post - adequate/pass

external shoulder rotation
     right - 92*   
     left - 110*
     right - 106* (15% improvement)
     left - 120* (9% improvement)

mid-back range of motion
     right - 42*
     left - 43*
     right - 60* (43% improvement)
     left - 57* (33% improvement)

glute strength
pre - unstable on both sides
post - adequate/pass

internal hip rotation
     right - 25*
     left - 18*
     right - 41* (64% improvement)
     left - 26* (44% improvement)

Subjective:  I am a ton more flexible and balanced in my swing.  I have a long way in terms of golf mechanics but the flexibility I’ve been able to develop is making the road a heckeva lot easier.  I feel a have a lot more purpose in my workouts when I go to the gym not only with specific exercises in mind, but more importantly what I’m trying to accomplish with them.  Also I’m finding myself jumping out of bed in the morning and not dragging myself out of bed.   It’s just a lot easier moving around throughout the day.

65 year old male
handicap - 5
initial pre assessment - 1/2/2010
post assessment - 3/16/2010 (2 1/2 months)

hamstring flexibility
pre = -9.5 inches from floor
post = -8.5 inches (11% improvement)

hip flexor flexibility
pre - tight right side, some restriction left side
post - some restriction right, adequate left

external shoulder rotation
     right - 104*
     left - 92*
     right - 111* (7% improvement)
     left - 109* (18% improvement)

mid-back range of motion
     right - 59*
     left - 52*
     right - 68* (15% improvement)
     left - 61* (15% improvement)

glute strength
pre - unilateral weakness with unstable right side
post - adequate bilateral strength

internal hip rotation
     right - 20*
     left - 18*
     right - 32* (60% improvement)
     left - 28* (56% improvement)

Subjective:  definitely more flexible, I've gained at least 10 yards with the irons, haven't been back to the chiropractor in 2 months



 The leg extension machine is a great piece of equipment for strengthening the lower body.  Once you've developed a base, progress to single leg extensions to create symmetry in the body.  The third exercise offered isolates the main knee stabilizer.



Check with your physician before starting any type of exercise program.



A quality, customized golf fitness program will. . .
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The golf exercises are going great.  I am hitting the ball the best I have ever hit it.  My back pain has gone away also. 
David R. 

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If your Club or organization would like to host an informative golf fitness workshop, contact Bob at or 336-509-4610.

Bob came to my club and did a hour long session on the basics of his teaching and philosophy of fitness and how it relates to the golf swing and its performance.  My members thoroughly enjoyed the hour and wanted more.  I was impressed with his content and explanation.  My members were floored with his Q&A and his personal adaptation to their issues.  I was impressed with his interaction with attendants of the seminar.  If you are looking for someone to integrate your fitness program with the golf program, Bob is the guy to do it!  We will be booking Bob to come back to our club next spring.
Shannon Howell, PGA Head Golf Professional
Country Club of Sapphire Valley, Sapphire Valley, NC

"Bob Forman was fabulous!  He is a great presenter who shared some extremely valuable information related to how anatomical deficiencies such as: poor posture, flexibility, and balance impact our golf swing.  He not only shared what they are and how they impact the swing, but also demonstrated exercises to help correct them."
Ellen Gregory
EWGA-Wilmington, NC chapter

“Westchester is one of the Country’s largest private clubs with a membership that has high expectations for service and performance.  Bob Forman’s seminar on golf specific fitness and flexibility was extremely well received and motivated many of my members to begin a program of evaluation, exercise and follow-ups.  I highly recommend Bob for his knowledge, energy , and ability to connect with amateurs concerning golf fitness.” 
John Kennedy, Director of Golf
Westchester CC, 
Harrison, NY

Bob has a fantastic ability to understand and combine his expertise of the physical complexities of the human body with the PGA Professional’s trained eye with respect to the complexities of the golf swing.  Bob offers a refreshing angle that most amateur and professional golfers can understand and embrace.  Many times, a golfer will have physical limitations that prevents him or her from moving the way the PGA Professional is trying to instruct.  Bob can take the golfer’s weakest physical traits and focus a training program to better overcome those obstacles and allow the golfers to ultimately improve their swing. 
Dennis Nicholl, PGA Head Golf Professional
The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Functional Golf Fitness Training is a comprehensive player improvement resource for golfers of all ages and levels, teaching professionals and coaches.  
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