Bob Forman, MS Exercise Physiology
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Joint replacement surgery (hip and knee replacement) has been on the rise for some time now.  It is considered the most effective intervention for severe arthritis, which is one of the ten most disabling diseases in developed countries.  For the avid golfer, joint replacement can be a frightening thought.

knee arthritisAccording to the Arthritis Foundation, more women suffer from arthritis than men and more than 21 million Americans will limit their activity because of the condition.  The goals for joint replacement surgery are to reduce the pain and disability often caused by arthritis inflammation, while restoring near-normal motion.

That’s good news for golfers who have limited their play or quit the game due to pain and/or poor playing performance that has resulted from swing changes due to their arthritis.  According to a medical literature survey, all professional golfers who have gone through a hip replacement procedure have returned to play and approximately 90% of amateurs have returned reporting no hip pain or less pain. 

A key factor that has given rise to joint replacement is obesity.  Obese people are 33x more likely to have the surgery due to the added weight/stress to the joints.  A good way to avoid the knife is to maintain a healthy weight and strengthen the muscles that surround and protect the joints.  As a matter of fact, losing weight prior to joint replacement is often times recommended to improve recovery.

Playing golf should not increase the risk for joint replacement if the golfer’s body is in balance and he or she has normal anatomy.  Yet another great reason to have a golf physical assessment done to identify the anatomical deficiencies so that they can be corrected with proper exercise.  In doing so, you reduce the potential for joint damage.

Knee replacement, up until now, seems to produce more soreness in the surrounding muscles than hip replacement.  It also can result in scar tissue formation in a small percentage of patients.  These outcomes can make rehab after surgery more difficult.  Newer techniques, however, currently being developed may eradicate this as the need to cut through muscle is eliminated.

Hip replacement generally is not as difficult.  Stretching and strengthening of the abductors will ward off the feeling of leg length discrepancy usually felt after surgery.  This will allow for better range of motion and rotation of the hip once swinging a golf club is resumed.    

Make no mistake, rehab after a joint replacement procedure is critical.  The more you move the joint, the better the long-term outcome.  Certain contraindications should also be followed like not crossing your legs or excessive bending of the hip in the first 6 weeks or so for hip procedures.  For the knee, keep it straight when resting and frequently work on bending the knee as often as possible.  A good goal is to achieve 110 to 120 degrees of flexion in the affected knee within the first 3 months (105 degrees is required to do most functional activities).  Your surgeon and physical therapist will guide you along the way and instruct what you should and shouldn’t do.

Once you’ve completed PT, it’s important to continue a home program.  This also is a very good time to hook-up with a certified Golf Fitness Instructor who can progress the workout and help with golf-specific training. 

What’s absolutely essential is the identifying and correcting of the muscle deficiencies and bad swing mechanics that have developed prior to surgery as a result of the pain and lack of mobility.  One swing consequence, for example, identified from target side hip replacement surgery is the tendency for the golfer to hang back while in the downswing phase.  Not making a good weight-shift onto the front leg will influence swing path and ball contact. 

Another is a limited hip turn at impact.  This generally develops as a result of the limited rotation due to pain and/or inflammation from the arthritis.  Tightness in the internal hip rotators is also a post surgery concern.         

golf fitnessIt’s important to reiterate that golfers who go through joint replacement work with a certified Golf Fitness Instructor to ensure that the proper muscles are being addressed and appropriate drills are being offered to rewire the brain-body connection.  This is crucial for returning back to good form and better ball striking.  This will also reduce the potential for any further damage that may occur to the musculoskeletal system. 

Time frames for getting back to playing golf will vary by individual, but a review of the literature suggests a 3 to 6-month time period.  Some even sooner.  The short game, chipping and putting, can usually be started within 2 months.  You want to make sure to confer with your physician/surgeon as to your specific timeline.           

Some good tips for golfers who have gone through joint replacement:

-       open your stance to minimize rotation
-       don’t wear shoes with spikes as they will fix your stance and cause more twisting
-       to reduce the wear and tear of the artificial joint, ride a cart more often.  If you decide to walk, use a pull cart vs. carrying so as not to place extra weight on the joints.
-       be mindful of the conditions as wet grass from rain or dew may increase the potential for slipping or falling

There’s no need to hang up the clubs due to the pain and dysfunction from arthritis.  Joint replacement has come a long way and will continue to evolve, making it a viable option for golfers in helping them get back out on the golf course. 

Post operative rehab is crucial and should be followed to the letter.  Also essential is the ability to identify and correct the anatomical deficiencies and bad swing habits that have developed due to the discomfort and lack of mobility prior to the procedure.  These steps will ensure even a better return to the game.   

-   I had the pleasure of speaking with a prominent joint replacement surgeon for this article who, with his team, performs over 600 procedures a year
-   Jack Nicklaus took 3 months to get back golfing after his hip replacement.
-   The information in this article should not replace any information or guidance given by your physician/surgeon      

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Static Hamstring Stretch

 One of the main factors for low back discomfort is tight hamstrings, which can also affect hip mobility in the golf swing.



Check with your physician before starting any type of exercise program.



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The golf exercises are going great.  I am hitting the ball the best I have ever hit it.  My back pain has gone away also. 
David R. 

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If your Club or organization would like to host an informative golf fitness workshop, contact Bob at or 336-509-4610.

Bob came to my club and did a hour long session on the basics of his teaching and philosophy of fitness and how it relates to the golf swing and its performance.  My members thoroughly enjoyed the hour and wanted more.  I was impressed with his content and explanation.  My members were floored with his Q&A and his personal adaptation to their issues.  I was impressed with his interaction with attendants of the seminar.  If you are looking for someone to integrate your fitness program with the golf program, Bob is the guy to do it!  We will be booking Bob to come back to our club next spring.
Shannon Howell, PGA Head Golf Professional
Country Club of Sapphire Valley, Sapphire Valley, NC

"Bob Forman was fabulous!  He is a great presenter who shared some extremely valuable information related to how anatomical deficiencies such as: poor posture, flexibility, and balance impact our golf swing.  He not only shared what they are and how they impact the swing, but also demonstrated exercises to help correct them."
Ellen Gregory
EWGA-Wilmington, NC chapter

“Westchester is one of the Country’s largest private clubs with a membership that has high expectations for service and performance.  Bob Forman’s seminar on golf specific fitness and flexibility was extremely well received and motivated many of my members to begin a program of evaluation, exercise and follow-ups.  I highly recommend Bob for his knowledge, energy , and ability to connect with amateurs concerning golf fitness.” 
John Kennedy, Director of Golf
Westchester CC, 
Harrison, NY

Bob has a fantastic ability to understand and combine his expertise of the physical complexities of the human body with the PGA Professional’s trained eye with respect to the complexities of the golf swing.  Bob offers a refreshing angle that most amateur and professional golfers can understand and embrace.  Many times, a golfer will have physical limitations that prevents him or her from moving the way the PGA Professional is trying to instruct.  Bob can take the golfer’s weakest physical traits and focus a training program to better overcome those obstacles and allow the golfers to ultimately improve their swing. 
Dennis Nicholl, PGA Head Golf Professional
The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


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Swing mechanics are often influenced by physical deficiencies in the golfer's body.  Below are some of the more common swing faults, their physical causes and how to correct.






While correcting the deficiencies, you also need to rewire the brain-body connection in order to break out of the inefficient swing pattern.  





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