Bob Forman
Director, The Golf Fitness Academy
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor 

As you improve the physical deficiencies that diminish your ability to swing an efficient golf club, you’ll also need to focus on re-wiring the brain-body connection, especially if faulty swing techniques are evident.    

Swing habits are general formed by repetition.  Perform the same habits, whether good or bad, over and over again and the movement pattern eventually becomes engrained into your brain so that you don’t have to think about what it is you’re doing, you just do it (rote memory). 

The key for better outcomes is to improve the movement patterns by enhancing the communication pathway between the brain and our bodies, often identified as “muscle memory” or “motor learning.”  This is accomplished through our central nervous systems.  Practice and repetition are the drivers that augment and solidify that neuromuscular pathway.   

Neither the brain nor the body, however, can discern whether the movement patterns are the best movement patterns for a particular activity.  So if you routinely perform an activity or skill poorly, that’s how it will be programmed into the memory banks.    

In order to modify a movement pattern, you would need to re-program the communication pathway between your brain and body.  In other words, change the movement pattern to mimic the way the textbook, your PGA professional, or someone knowledgeable about swing technique says it should be done, and then go practice that new movement pattern over and over and over again until the neuromuscular connection is reset.  

golf photoHaving that trained eye is crucial when it comes to positioning the
body so as to produce better swing outcomes.  Somebody who is familiar with sequencing and proper mechanics is an invaluable resource to your game.  Listening and practicing the cues given will enhance motor learning and fixate the neuromuscular pathway, thereby increasing the probability for repeatedly producing effective golf shots.   

Engaging in a golf fitness program and correcting the muscle deficiencies will undoubtedly improve swing efficiency by increasing range of motion, strength, and speed, but this may not necessarily transfer over and re-program the neuromuscular pathway for a particular swing fault.  This needs to be emphasized along with the realization that together, fitness and swing mechanincs, are essential for better playing performance and a reduction and/or elimination of golf-related injuries.    

One of the more common of these swing faults occurs at the transformation from backswing into downswing.  Many golfers have difficulty initiating the downswing in the proper sequence, that being with a lateral acceleration of the hips as the arms are distally decelerating at the top of the backswing.  Instead, they allow the upper body and arms to control the downswing, often resulting in a casting of the club and an over-the-top swing path.  This inevitably frustrates golfers as distance and accuracy is impacted. 

Another negative swing trait often seen is the leaning of the upper body back toward the target during the backswing.  Commonly known as reverse spine, this fault places the golfer in a hitting position that’s not very conducive to a good hitting sequence in the downswing, similar to what was mentioned above.  It also sets the golfer up for lower back discomfort. 

A good, effective drill to better the swing sequence and to help re-program the movement pattern of both these swing faults is the Sequence Drill (video right).  Repetition of this relatively simple movement will, over time, engrain the proper motor learning blueprint and enhance technique and outcomes out on the course.      

More than likely there are anatomical issues that factor in to bad swing habits which surely need to be identified and addressed.  At the same time, an action plan to rewire the neuromuscular pathway that has the golfer performing these movement patterns must be considered.  This learning component would best be implemented soon after the corrective exercise phase of the golf fitness program has been implemented.  Your golf fitness instructor will know best when you’re ready.   

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 The leg extension machine is a great piece of equipment for strengthening the lower body.  Once you've developed a base, progress to single leg extensions to create symmetry in the body.  The third exercise offered isolates the main knee stabilizer.



Check with your physician before starting any type of exercise program.



A quality, customized golf fitness program will. . .
  • Enhance swing efficiency
  • Increase distance
  • Improve playing performance and satisfaction
  • Identify and correct golf-specific injury triggers

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The golf exercises are going great.  I am hitting the ball the best I have ever hit it.  My back pain has gone away also. 
David R. 

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If your Club or organization would like to host an informative golf fitness workshop, contact Bob at or 336-509-4610.

Bob came to my club and did a hour long session on the basics of his teaching and philosophy of fitness and how it relates to the golf swing and its performance.  My members thoroughly enjoyed the hour and wanted more.  I was impressed with his content and explanation.  My members were floored with his Q&A and his personal adaptation to their issues.  I was impressed with his interaction with attendants of the seminar.  If you are looking for someone to integrate your fitness program with the golf program, Bob is the guy to do it!  We will be booking Bob to come back to our club next spring.
Shannon Howell, PGA Head Golf Professional
Country Club of Sapphire Valley, Sapphire Valley, NC

"Bob Forman was fabulous!  He is a great presenter who shared some extremely valuable information related to how anatomical deficiencies such as: poor posture, flexibility, and balance impact our golf swing.  He not only shared what they are and how they impact the swing, but also demonstrated exercises to help correct them."
Ellen Gregory
EWGA-Wilmington, NC chapter

“Westchester is one of the Country’s largest private clubs with a membership that has high expectations for service and performance.  Bob Forman’s seminar on golf specific fitness and flexibility was extremely well received and motivated many of my members to begin a program of evaluation, exercise and follow-ups.  I highly recommend Bob for his knowledge, energy , and ability to connect with amateurs concerning golf fitness.” 
John Kennedy, Director of Golf
Westchester CC, 
Harrison, NY

Bob has a fantastic ability to understand and combine his expertise of the physical complexities of the human body with the PGA Professional’s trained eye with respect to the complexities of the golf swing.  Bob offers a refreshing angle that most amateur and professional golfers can understand and embrace.  Many times, a golfer will have physical limitations that prevents him or her from moving the way the PGA Professional is trying to instruct.  Bob can take the golfer’s weakest physical traits and focus a training program to better overcome those obstacles and allow the golfers to ultimately improve their swing. 
Dennis Nicholl, PGA Head Golf Professional
The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Functional Golf Fitness Training is a comprehensive player improvement resource for golfers of all ages and levels, teaching professionals and coaches.  
A great manual for golf teams as well.  

Dedicated chapters on:
- how to identify and correct the common physical deficiencies most golfers have that are impacting their swing and injury potential
- over 40 golf-specific exercises and drills

- preventing/alleviating the #1 injury in golf, low back injury
- how to fix the more common swing faults

Amazon reviews:

"Very clear explanations of causes and fixes for main physical deficiencies affecting golfers. Easy to follow instructions. While other books may give a whole laundry list of exercises that end up not being used, Forman has selected a few for each issue and puts together a program that doesn't take long to do"

"This book not only tells you what to do but also why you need to do and what results you can expect.
I have every book in print about golf fitness and this book is by far the best."

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Swing mechanics are often influenced by physical deficiencies in the golfer's body.  Below are some of the more common swing faults, their physical causes and how to correct.






While correcting the deficiencies, you also need to rewire the brain-body connection in order to break out of the inefficient swing pattern.  





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